Targeting: the real personalization of medicine 

Welcome to Collagen medical LLC

Collagen Medical is a pre-clinical stage specialty pharmaceutical company based in Boston, MA engaged in developing targeted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents to diagnose and stage fibrotic disease and assess response to therapeutic interventions.  Serious chronic diseases such as heart failure, atrial fibrillation, steatohepatitis, hepatitis C, and pulmonary fibrosis affect tens of millions of patients in the US.  All of these diseases are characterized by fibrosis that is strongly linked to poor prognosis. There is a major unmet medical need for improved diagnostic techniques to identify and stratify patients, predict risk of disease progression and guide therapy.  Collagen Medical’s targeted imaging technology will enable highly sensitive and specific three-dimensional mapping of fibrosis within target organs, providing clinicians with the means to diagnose and manage disease in a minimally invasive manner.  Collagen Medical’s technology has also been validated for high resolution assessment of myocardial perfusion to identify coronary artery disease imaging cardiac perfusion.